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Why do we throw out perfectly good batteries?

Yedlik started in April 2020 in Oslo with the objective of eliminating the environmental and economic madness of discarding good cells, and create hundreds of fun, rewarding, local, and meaningful jobs.

Yedlik is no green extremist utopia - we are here to build an industry. Norway is on its way to generating 500 tons of dangerous waste a year just from micro mobility batteries. We want to build a business on reusing most of this waste!

What does Yedlik mean?


Ányos Jedlik (1800-1895)

The company was named after inventor Ányos Jedlik, a 19th century pioneer of electric motors and engineering eduction: Yedlik is his name's phonetic transcription in English.


We have an international team with a wide variety of backgrounds. We are all committed to reducing Norway's battery waste and making e-mobility truly sustainable.


Asad Mehmood

Project Engineer

Asad repairs the most batteries at Yedlik - everything from the simplest to the most challenging! He is helpful and attentive, and outside of work, he is finishing his master degree in electrical engineering at UiT - The Arctic University of Norway.


Greg Marton


Greg pulled apart his first PC at 10, started one of Hungary's first iPhone repair businesses at 16, and studied electrical engineering to understand how his favourite gadgets really worked. Fast forward through countless roadside repairs around the globe, rebuilt motorcycles, a venture with water damaged MacBooks in Australia, and a master's degree in Sustainable transportation, he is now heading Yedlik to keep e-bike batteries on the roads.


Krystof Heger

Co-founder / Workshop Manager

Krystof has several years experience as a mechanical engineer. He holds a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Czech Technical University, Prague and spent a year in South Korea developing his skills at Seoul National University. From repairing musical instruments to designing and testing car components, he is great with his hands and is a real asset in the workshop. His passion for biking and engineering has brought him to Yedlik to change the future of e-mobility. He spends his free time enjoying the great Norwegian outdoors.


Nicolás González Álvarez

Electrical Engineer

Nicolás is an expert on battery management system design, and works for Yedlik while writing his master thesis on the topic with the University of Oviedo. 


Jurgen Asko

Battery Repairs Engineer

Jurgen brings plenty of PCB design and rework experience to the table - with many hobby and professional electronics projects behind his back, he has the perfect combination of deep theoretical knowledge and hands-on attitude that we value at Yedlik. Jurgen is working on his master degree in microelectronics and sensors at the University of Oslo.


Katerina Leblova

Operations Manager

Katerina is the one who brought order to customer care - scheduling work, ensuring smooth customer experience, and handling all of our communications channels. Apart from keeping order in the workshop, Katerina - who has a master degree in education - enjoys reading and is an expert cook!